The English speaking Caribbean region is a very important part of Tripp Lite strategy

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What has been the feedback from the channel partners about the new expanded coverage of the region?

2019 has been a very productive year. Our Channel Partner reward program has been well received and we expect to triple the amount of registered reseller in 2020. EMPOWER program provide incentives such as: Volume Rebate incentives for quarterly purchases and Pre-sale support for registered partners. Also, we have combined resources with some of our Master Distributors to promote our brands via marketing campaigns and a series of local channel events.

Tripp Lite continues to be in the forefront of the industry, what are some of the products launched in 2019?

Tripp Lite has an extensive product offering to the channel and our products covers from a basic Cat6 cable to full Data Center Solution.

The R&D team is paying attention to the market trends and local demand and update and add features to existing models or develop new solutions based on the market direction and general needs. In early 2019, Tripp Lite launched our family of Edge Computing Micro Data Center solutions, which offers a complete solution of power protection and cooling. There are 25 ready solutions and the partner can also customize based on the specific needs of the project.

2020 is around the corner, how was 2019 overall and what are the expectations for the next year?

2019 has been challenging but our efforts are showing good results. There are many success stories from addition of new channels to new alliances with major regional Solutions Providers that has helped improve our position and market share in the region.

The English speaking Caribbean region is a very important part of Tripp Lite strategy and we continue our efforts to reach out to the local channels mainly thru our Master Distributors. This region offers very particular challenges, since there are many countries and each one has different ways of doing business. Our strategy is to create strong business relationship with our partners and provide them with support on the commercial side, and help with the implementation of local distribution of our products. For next year, we have good indication of a uptrend in volume we expect a double digit growth in sales YOY. In order to achieve sustainable grow, we will continue expanding our network of authorized resellers and service providers to support local demand.

We will like to add, that our success can only be achieve and sustain due to the tremendous support from our channel partners and their reseller. We look forward to another successful year 2020.


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