Epson and Trinpad present new product portfolio at EPSON DEMO DAY

epson-logoEpson and Trinpad celebrate an ¨Epson Demo Day¨ at the Flagship Trinpad Store at the Massy Super Centre, Gulf View, Trinidad & Tobago.

This experience with EcoTank printers, together with learning about the consumables’ extraordinary yield, gave participants an opportunity to shift their focus to Epson’s inkjet technology and the advantages of their printing solutions, quality and warranty.



We also spoke with Reshmi Ramnarine, Strategic Account Manager for English Caribbean, who explained: «A few years ago, Epson revolutionized the printing market with the launch of the innovative EcoTank. Today we do it again with the incorporation of the EcoFit system, to make the user experience simpler, more productive, and cleaner, with automatic filling bottles, coded for easy and clean filling of each color. Each bottle fits in the corresponding tank avoiding filling errors, when the bottle is correctly adjusted it starts the automatic filling, so it does not drip, and when the bottle is removed from the tank, the ink stops coming out, avoiding spills. EcoFitTM coded fill technology automates ink change to make the fill process automatic, clean and error-free, plus a two-year warranty that gives the user peace of mind.»

The retail sales revenue will reach $461 billion in the U.S. in 2021