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Epson presents EcoTank with promotech in Barbados


Epson, a global leading brand in digital imaging and printing, launched new printers of its Ecotank high-performance line, which are aimed to home users and businesses of any sector and size. The models presented are the L220, L365, L455, L565, L800, L1300, L1800 and M205, which offer several functions and do not require ink cartridges, allowing users to save money and protecting the environment.

The original Epson Ecotank printing system has transformed the market with its significant penetration.

This solution is based on a system of refillable ink tanks that replace cartridges, which benefits home users and businesses with large-volume printing needs or that want to stop worrying about ink, with the quality and guarantee provided by the brand equipment.

The printing performance of the ink-tank product line varies according to each product model.

For four-color A4 documents, from 4,000 to 12,000 pages can be printed in black, and 6,500 color pages; while for photographic printing in six colors, about 1,800 photos of 10 x 15 cm each can be obtained.
These two features, «Economy» and «Tank» together, translate into low operation costs, providing customers with a significant reduction in terms of costs, and with the duration and quality that only Epson can offer.

For more information please visit: http://global.latin.epson.com/cb

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