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Boolchand Group, leader in Caribbean Market celebrates partnership with Tech Armor


Paul Sharma Manager Boolchand Group
Paul Sharma Manager Boolchand Group

How important is for the company sell IT and electronic brands?

Boolchand Group has always been the leader in Caribbean in field of Technology & Electronics & this is what we are known.

Our focus has always been to keep our consumers aware of the happenings around the world in the field of Technology & Electronics.

Considering this Technology & Electronic Brands like Apple, Bose, Canon, Garmin, GoPro, JBL, Samsung, Yamaha are integral part of our business.

Is Boolchand´s focusing on accessories? Since when and why? And which kind?

We have always been focusing on quality accessories, given the kind of products we sell & the consumers we cater to it’s essential that a TV is accompanied with a quality wall Mount & a phone with a case & screen protector.

Our accessories include Headphones, Cases, Chargers, Powerbanks, Smart watches & so on.

Lets talk about the partnership with Tech Armor. Why Tech Armor? When did you start working together?

Since we are always looking out for the best for our consumers our search lead us to Tech Armor.After researching, reviewing the lineup we found Tech Armor most suitable to include in our family.We started working mid of 2014.

If we ask you to make us a top 5 Tech Armor Products you sold this year, which ones are on the list?

  • a) Glass Screen Protector iPhones
  • b) Glass Screen Protector iPhone 6PLUS
  • c) Powerbank 3000MAH
  • d) Powerbank 6000MAH
  • e) Screen Protectors Regular

Would you give us your vision of the accessories market on the islands? What kind of products do you think are going to growth more on 2016?

With Consumers getting more informed with technology, there will always be a demand for something ‘new’. Mobile phones & accessories related to these will definitely grow.

In which islands do you have actually stores to the public?

We have stores in Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten & St. Thomas.

How you define in three words the island´s customers?

Vibrant, Loyal & Tech Savvy.

A message for the readers…

You may know Boolchand’s as one of the most enjoyable travel shopping experiences anywhere. It’s a destination within your destination, where you’ll find the highest quality cameras, electronics, computers, watches, jewelry and footwear from brands known the world over. Being in business since 1930 we expertise in customer satisfaction.

Please visit any of our locations for memorable shopping experience.

Tech Armor logoWe are proud to be working with Boolchands for several years

Logan Webster Global Sales Director Tech Armor
Logan Webster Global Sales Director Tech Armor

As our main partner in the caribbean we have seen great growth, especially throughout this holiday period.

We look forward to big things with Boolchands in 2016 and continue to expand our product categories with them including our #1 selling ballistic glass screen protectors, Military Tested iPhone 6S Cases, Powerbanks, Lightning Cables and more!