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OLEX “install” its product to Trinidad & Tobago


OLEX install its product to Trinidad and Tobago 3

Olex.la logoOLEX is a well known manufacturer and supplier on surveillance and access control equipments, but ultimately has been focusing also on bringing innovative solutions and new services for all customers located in Trinidad & Tobago.

We have been providing for the past eight years to the surveillance market which has allowed us to develop easily new divisions and also grow rapidly by offering quick and intuitive processes of configurations on analog and high performance IP systems.

OLEX is not only bringing one line of products, but a huge range including business and home solutions, also giving support in government projects on security.

We distinguish ourselves by offering Support Department for all the Americas Region, available 24 hours during 7 days of the week, with Engineers and commercial representatives that will help you on security consultancy projects and advices which allow to customers optimize the performance of our products.

OLEX install its product to Trinidad and Tobago 2

OLEX has introduced to Trinidad & Tobago an original and ingenious product line on CCTV “ALL IN ONE” Kit solution, including 4, 8, 16 CH systems on 700TVL, 1000TVL and AHD quality. These ideal options are the suitable choice that fit with needs of each customer.

Our team has developed the unique Trihybrid technology systems (OLEX AHD) making perfectly compatible ONVIF supported cameras, IP Cameras and analog cameras simultaneously.

OLEX Cameras are able to be located on a variable range of environments (IP 66, metal housing) and also allowed to be configured easily by automatic connection (P2P) avoiding port redirection normally required on installation processes. As a result, the customers would save time which increases the profitability for the installer that pick OLEX Products.

In the same way, technology is an irreplaceable value for OLEX, that’s why our Team never stops evolving, and keeps searching innovations to be brought to Trinidad & Tobago.

Also we think one of the most important difference from our competitor, constitutes the fact that we always have a direct and constant feedback with our strategic partners all over the region.

Correspondingly, for the Trinidadian market, we work hand by hand with the most important supplier on informatics solutions in Trinidad &Tobago, which is The Wizz Computers.

The Wizz Computers offers support and reliability to all customers with offices all over the country.

In order to have a direct contact with local customers, we have celebrated together on April 2015 an Exposition (The Wizz Computers Expo) that took place at the City Gulf Mall of San Fernando, Trinidad where the customer were able to familiarize personally and experience by themselves the performance of our products.

Later this year (September 2015), along with our Official Distributor for all the Americas Region, Solution Box USA, we have been able to assist to Conferences and Training (certifications) with the purpose of keep to the Team of The Wizz Computers updated to innovations and developments on the security market.

“OLEX is the only company that offers not only a product but an entire solution on security”

OLEX CONTROLS is our newest division on Access Control Devices, which will allow to Trinidad & Tobago to have high standard of solutions available in 2016.

OLEX install its product to Trinidad and Tobago

Our Models OLC-TA600, OLC-TC900 and OLC-TC911 are complete and solid units able to solve over a 90% of the request on this market segment. On the other hand, these equipments are 100% IP and are able to register up to 5000 users.

Nowadays, RFID and Biometric devices are the best option on Access Controls and physical security monitoring, and constitutes an infallible solution for Business and Offices.

OLEX CONTROL devices support and offer a quick reading of fingerprints which is undeniably helpful to maintain order on exit points.

Also OLEX locks, security boxes and sensors will be available in Trinidad & Tobago next year.

We are more than just a Company, We are a hard working Team that gives day by day its best efforts on making available innovations and greater solutions to our partners. We want you to know that the most important for us bringing you the best on SECURITY.