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Smart Solutions landed in the market in the hands of Lou Leonardo


SmartSolutions logoSmart Solutions Products was founded in March of 2015 by two industry veterans that comprise over 50 years of experience in the market and industry.

Lou Leonardo, who many of you remember as the president of BellMicro Latin America. Lou brought Bell to the leading distributor of storage shipping over 1 million HDD per Quarter and bringing MarkVision Memory to 30% + market share throughout the Latin America Channel. Lou developed the utmost respect from Bell’s channel partners by always making certain that each transaction was a win win. Lou said “the first sale is not important, it’s more important that the relationship with your channel reflects the years ahead. The continued orders, support, and marketing efforts is what drives success.” Many channel partners have remained with Lou for well over 20 years. Lou picked up the nickname over the years as the “Token Gringo”.

Don’t let that fool you. He knows more about LA than many of us born here.

Louis Leonardo, President,  Smart Solutions Products Corp.
Louis Leonardo, President, Smart Solutions Products Corp.

Smart Solutions other founder includes, Ramiro Mamberti. Ramiro’s expertise evolves from the far east and Europe. He is the brain child of the Thonet & Vander speaker line and understands Asia manufacturing and quality control.

Smart Solutions was founded on the premise to give the Latin America channel a new alternative to its product sources. “We want to bring back the way of doing business in the 90s and early 2000s” Lou stated, He added “it’s about treating people with respect not just a customer number. Smart Solutions provides a very viable resource to a channel that has dramatically changed especially over the last 4 years. Miami has seen shock waves with companies going bankrupt, the influx of counterfeit product, big American companies thinking that they can just buy someone and be successful or companies thinking they can just continue to dump below grade product into the channel.

Smart Solutions represents a Variety of brands. First MarkVision, which at one time was the leading memory supplier to the channel. MarkVision returns to the quality standard of the past. All products are 100% original. They undergo complete testing from individual IC right through final assembly. They are proud to say the brand offers lifetime warranty and a defective rate of under .5%. Thonet & Vander is another brand represented by SSP. This speaker line provides a design, technology and sound quality offered by no other manufacturer. The product line is extensive and addresses all market requirements.

Other brands supported by Smart Solutions include multiple HDD lines such as Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba. The Therbuss brand brings to the market high quality but low cost products from phones & tablets to accessories such as Selfie Sticks, mini speakers and UPS. SSP has eliminated the need for our channel partners to source products from China directly. Their Asia QC team ensures you receive the product you need with the consistency of price and quality. You get what you order not something totally different.

Lou told us 2016 will not be an easy year for the channel. The first half is still a recovery of a very stressful 2015. With all the political changes and currency pressure, the channel is preparing itself to bounce back in the second half. Every country has their different needs. What works for Guatemala does not work in Brazil. What works in Costa Rica does not work in Peru. Too many multinational companies look at Latin America as one market. This is a detrimental approach an can lead to ultimate failure. Just because most countries speak Spanish doesn’t mean they are the same. There are 32 countries in the region all with their unique requirements.

2016 will continue to be a struggle for the industry although there should be significant improvements in the second half. We are dealing with multiple influences in the channel. These include changes in government leadership, new Congress, new laws, even new presidents, and even changes in government leadership in the US, although we won’t see the changes there until 2017.

We are all looking for the next big product revolution moving forward. Many of us
have been through many IT and Electronics changes especially the long term veterans.

The industry has experienced changes from desktop to notebook to tablets to smart phones. We have seen processors change from single core to quad core and Dram go from DDR1 to DDR4. Flash products have also began to dominate storage due to high demand of digital photography. HDD has accelerated from 20MB in the early 90s to 1-2 TB today or even remote cloud storage. The big question always is will the PC industry die? In speaking to Lou Leonardo, he stated, “the industry will continue to grow but form factors and power will definitely change. The demand is definitely there. However, we may need to slightly modify our approach. Is it Back to the Future?”

Smart Solutions was founded to help its channel partners to be successful. Like they stated the first order is always important to establish a relationship but it’s the sell through of that order and continuity that is critical. It was interesting to hear the fundamentals that SSP founded on: patience, persistence, power and passion for this industry.

Smart Solutions is located at 8347 NW 54 street in Doral, Florida. They can be reached by calling 786-542-0845 or sending an email to Lou directly at lou.leonardo@ssppro.com