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AOC hand in hand with the education of our youth


aoc-tablet-u107-1760x12980AOC is proud to sponsor and support the efforts of EduVision Jamaica in association with e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited (e-LJam) that are presenting the conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education.

What motivates and inspires us at AOC for providing creative mobile solutions that include Android and Windows tablets to the Americas are projects like the ones in progress in Jamaica. It’s exciting to see tech-nologies like Bluetooth, WiFi along with collaborative APPs and methods being used to ignite our youths imagination and intellectual growth. Their search goes deep into the needs and requirements of students, faculty and all those contributing and working with the future generation of their citizens.

aoc-case-u107-case-1760x12980Over the last few years we at AOC have worked with and continue collaborating with in-country partners INTCOMEX Jamaica and Innovative Systems Ltd in providing inventive and quality mobile solutions for today and tomorrow’s classrooms.

Along with the challenges, experiences and lessons learned in other education projects in the Caribbean, Central and South American, we look forward to participating in these ongoing efforts for addressing the needs of our ever faster changing world.

Our ears, eyes and minds are open to your questions, requests and suggestions regarding how we may better support your efforts and ideas with the most worthwhile endeavor of facilitating the sharing of knowledge and understanding of our universe and making it a better place for all, mentioned Edwin Estrada, Business Development Manager- Mobile Devices.

For more information about our products please visit us to latin.aoc.com or follow us on Facebook: AOC Americas.