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HP talks about their participation in the 2017 Intcomex SCS


HP Team
HP Team

What can you tell us about your participation in the SCS Caribbean? We noticed you had two HP booths. What division did each one belong to?
Efrén Carrizales, HP Consumer Displays Manager: Consumer Displays is part of Personal Systems business on HP Inc. It is a category with a great potential, since it is a market with a more stable behavior, and even is growing on screen sizes from 23″ and bigger. With this on mind, HP wants to deliver a best-in-class experience in all products, bringing models with higher technical specifications at reasonable price points.

The main objective during SBS Caribbean 2017 was to introduce all customers the product portfolio launched in February through Intcomex. With this consideration, we can affirm the outcome was very positive not only because the product was very well appreciated but because sales were closed, and this will allow us to bring product to final customers at the end of this month.

Luis Felipe Cisneros, HP Partner Business Manager: It is always an excellent forum where we can have quality meetings with our customers. It is a very select event where the primary players from the island are here.

And most importantly they are the decision makers, owners or commercial managers that are here to close business deals.

On this occasion, we presented for the first-time ink tank printers which belong to the Printing Division, that continues to be the core of the new HP Inc.

What products were presented to the island customers?
Luis Felipe Cisneros: We discussed the general portfolio and a special program for the Caribbean customers that decide to work with the brand.

For the first time, we presented the ink tank printer, GT5820, which aside from having the reliability and high quality that characterizes HP products, it also allows accessible high-volume printing with a clean and easy refill experience thanks to the exclusive mouthpiece from HP that avoids over filling the tank, creating an easy-ccess and spill-free refill system.

What feedback did you receive from the distributors?
Efrén Carrizales: The general consensus was there is a big opportunity for the category, since is a product that has not been fully developed in the region.

But in order to accomplish that, will be necessary trainings, product explanation and the involvement from both HP and channels.

Luis Felipe Cisneros: The product is highly anticipated in a market where HP did not participate, which was very pleasing for the distributors.

They commented that it is the best of both worlds; the quality of HP at an ultra-low-cost-per-page.

At the printing level, we have seen several product launches but everything indicates that the Ink line is the most popular. Is this true?
Luis Felipe Cisneros: One of the greatest advantages of HP is the wide range of products we have in our portfolio.

This product complements the portfolio for users with high-volume printing or small and micro-companies that need to print big volumes at a low cost. It is designed for work groups of up to 3 people with a monthly recommended page volume of 400 to 800 pages.

For customers who need to print much more, we have the Ink Advantage products with a more accessible purchasing price or laser printers for users who need to print thousands of pages per month. Making an analogy to the automotive industry, this is a minivan…very convenient for large families that constantly have family and friends come over to visit, but there is always a need for a sedan for small families or a sports car for those who need performance.

What expectations do you have for this trimester?
Luis Felipe Cisneros: We will continue to expand our presence in the territory, generating long-term relationships with our distributors and resellers. We will continue to put our efforts to maintain our leadership in the ink category (per the IDC reports) and now complementing with the ink tank system portfolio which was very well received.

In regards to the laser world, we will continue forging our leadership due to the brand consolidation we are experiencing, as we have seen in the past several years with ink printers where only 3 players are left.