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NT series: redesigned to expand uptime and reliability


Forza logoForza Power Technologies, a leading provider of power protection, power conditioning, and backup management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its newly redesigned NT series to the market, which is now backed by a three-year warranty and the highest quality standards the brand is known for.

The new NT Series of interactive UPS now features 6 outlets, that is two more than its predecessor, to continue safeguarding your office equipment, sensitive electronics and peripherals against the constant threat of power outages and the damaging effects of voltage irregularities that may occur in the electric supply line. By integrating all critical levels of power protection, the NT series leads the way in its class in terms of cost, operational reliability, and protection against data loss as well as equipment damage, all of which is especially suited to match the demands of the rapidly growing residential and small business environments.

[column size=»1/2″]Forza NT-751-FRONT[/column]
[column size=»1/2″]Forza NT-751-BACK[/column]

The NT-511, NT-751 and N-.1011 are offered in 500VA, 750VA and 1000VA capacity configurations, all of them providing extended backup times, complete automatic voltage regulation and a 5-license trial subscription from Kaspersky lab.

Mary Tomasini, Forza Sales Manager for the Caribbean, says: “The new NT Series design makes voltage regulation, surge suppression and emergency backup protection easier and more affordable than ever. Mission critical equipment”, she adds, “can now rely on a power protection system that will not only keep them constantly running, but also one that is capable of extending the life and performance of the components connected to it. And in this digital age, the new NT UPS from Forza efficiently delivers just that.”