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InVue Security: Intcomex leads the ultimate Customer Experience in Retail


As a new brand in the Accessories Division portfolio, InVue Security has made it their mission to not only provide reliable and innovative solutions that serve the growing demand for products that enhance a shopper’s experience, but also ensure the highest level of loss prevention.

Only a handful of retail security brands in the market today can deliver the optimal customer journey. InVue provides a combination of very tough security and a system that is very easy to install and operate.

With products designed to enrich the customer journey, retails can increase their profits by making merchandise accessible and empowering their associates to service customers.

Display Security

Display Security

The perfect security solutions for expensive handheld electronic merchandise, InVue PODs provide «protection on demand» giving retailers the flexibility to create secure displays anywhere in store. InVue PODs enhance the experience your customers will have by providing complete access to unique merchandise features. Easy to install and maintain, each POD is an independent alarming unit and can also power up merchandise and increase your sales.

Universal Lock (innovating a better Cabinet Lock)

Universal Lock (innovating a better Cabinet Lock)

Lost keys, broken locks and the search for the right key will never again hinder a customer experience or result in a missed sale.

Our new cabinet locks are easy to retrofit and even easier to use. Cabinet Lock and the new IR2 Key both feature our exclusive Power Touch technology, a revolution in
the way locked merchandise is managed.

Sell-Thru Security

Sell-Thru Security

You can easily and confidently display high-value sell-thru merchandise with InVue secure fixtures, featuring uncompromising locking and time-delay designs.

InVue secure fixtures, the protection of locked cabinets, the sales power of open merchandising.