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Introducing ClearPlex: the ultimate display protection for virtually any device


When it comes to our mobile devices —whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, smartwatch or even a camera— the component that causes the most worry is usually the display.

Scratches and cracks make for a subpar experience and expensive repairs. That’s why screen protectors are so popular. But these products have their limitations too, primarily the fact that they’re only available for current and highly popular devices.

There’s also the matter of installation, which can be sticky and nerve-wracking. ClearPlex is exciting because it brings tough, invisible film first developed for auto windshields to consumer electronics.

The main idea behind this solution is that there is no need to purchase and store different models of screen protection for each device. With Clearplex you can produce tailored screen protection for each customer on the spot!

ClearPlex Advantage

Things immediately stood out about the ClearPlex system:

  • Fastest design team
    Our competitors take up to a week to create a device template. With our design team and proprietary process, our goal is a 24-hour turnaround time for a new pattern.
  • Generate sales immediately
    Easy setup and training. Start selling from Day One.
  • Any device, on-demand
    Sell to every customer, those with legacy devices to the newest releases.
  • Free up shelf space
    No need to stock and disp different products.
  • Leader in on-demand protection
    With thousands of locations worldwide we are a trusted leader with unmatched experience.
  • Simplify inventory
    Never have too much or too little. Effortless inventory forecasting.