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Introducting Nexxt Match App


& Marketing CompHaiti, Luis García – Caribbean Regional Territory Manager for Nexxt Solutions, Fritz-Gerald Piquion – CEO PCXpress and Olivier Thompson – CEO Thompson Electronics S.A.

What exactly is Nexxt Match?

Nexxt match is an application exclusively found on our Nexxt Connectivity website (Go to www.Nexxtsolutions.com/connectivity, then support & more, tools, and then Nexxt Match). This application is designed to educate and support our partners and the public with just 3 simple questions on what devices from Nexxt they might need. Based on strategic questions we narrow down what kind of devices and accessories would be applicable to their needs. For instance, if a customer has a small apartment, and only needs a device to surf the web the Nexxt Match application will offer them a Nyx300 based on their needs. Not only are we educating the public but helping our partners grow their portfolio with Nexxt products.

Can you give us an example of where this Nexxt Match has been successful?

One area where we feel Nexxt Match will boom is in Haiti with our 3 principle partners.

We designed Nexxt Match for educating the public for specific needs.

The area we all find difficult is matching the correct device to its needs, for instance; many people want to do everything with their router, stream music, share files, download 4K movies etc. but they think a simple basic router will do all that. Unfortunately that’s not the case, certain devices have limitations and with the Nexxt Match application we can show you which device suits your needs.

In Haiti our program is designed for in store uses as our partners have demonstrated. Haiti is a propionate country where education is key and that’s where Nexxt Match has its success.

We have our partners in Haiti (Comp Haiti, PC Xpress and Thompson Electronics S.A.) showcasing our application daily. A partner can come into the store, go to our website, use the application and ask a sales associate for the product it recommended. We have been working with our partners in Haiti for well over 10 years and we keep evolving as a team.

With the next chapter being Nexxt Match we are sure that we will continue to grow, education and support our partners in Haiti.

A big thank you to Ariann Pereira – VP Sales & Marketing CompHaiti, Olivier Thompson – CEO Thompson Electronics S.A. and Fritz-Gerald Piquion- CEO PCXpress.

What is in store for Nexxt Connectivity in the Caribbean?

Nexxt is and will always be a leader in the industry and continue to grow with the times.

We value the feedback from all our partners in the Caribbean and look forward to surpassing expectations as a brand and grow as a group.

Currently we are looking at some interesting products that we look forward to debut soon; along with some secret products of which unfortunately we cannot discuss just yet but be sure to be on the lookout with our new portfolio coming out soon.

Luis F. García has been with the Accvent family for over 5 years as the Caribbean regional territory manager for Nexxt Solutions and has over 12 years of experience in the Caribbean.