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Epson EcoFit TM, the ink filling smart technology for printers


Epson, a global leader in printing and digital imaging, introduces its new EcoFit™ system, a new ink filling smart process with inkjet technology and tank system. This technology, included in Epson T504, T534, and T544 ink bottles, simplifies replacement, helps to avoid mistakes, and saves time for the user.

With Epson’s automatic filling system, each bottle fits only into the appropriate color tank, and the auto-fill mechanism makes the ink filling process easier and waste-free in Epson’s EcoTank printers.

The Epson printers that include the EcoFitTM system are for the home: L3110, L3150; for business: L5190, L4160, L6161, L6171,L6191 and for black and white printing: M1120, M1180, M2170 and M3170.

With Epson’s encoded filling system, each ink bottle detects automatically when the appropriate color tank is full and then the filling process stops.

“Just as we introduced the innovative EcoTank a few years ago, Epson is now setting new standards in the printing industry with the EcoFit system that makes our customers’ lives easier, more productive and more creative, and fulfills once again the company’s mission. The encoded filling technology is an automatic ink replacement system that makes this process more effective, fast and eco-friendly,” said Jordi Ribas, Product Marketing Manager of Epson America.

EcoTank technology is an ink tank system that provides high performance and low printing costs for the user. There are currently over 20 models with this system in the Latin American market, and more than 30 million units were sold worldwide until October 2018.