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Cindy Montgenie

3 Big Mistakes CEOs Make with Their Digital Strategy

To remain relevant and competitive, digital transformation should be at the top of all CEO’s corporate agendas, no matter the size of their business.

Irresistible Influence: A Master Key to Thriving in an Automated Era

“Leadership is influence,” declared John Maxwell. He’s right, as it should be abundantly clear in today’s influencer-led world. No leader can be effective without the ability to persuade others to bring their compelling vision to life.

Day 1 Mindset: A Key to be unstoppable

“Business as usual” is dead. CEOs and executives of any size in any industry should be focused on leading change to ensure the future of their companies.

Are you riding the digital wave?

We must prepare, ourselves to ride this wave or we will be swept away by it like a tsunami.

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