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Intcomexpo Jamaica Rocks!

On September 17th, Intcomex Jamaica hosted INTCOMEXPO 2015 in Kingston where the Intcomex Team mobilized quickly and deployed the successful event held at the Pegasus Hotel.

Epson presents EcoTank, New high-performance printers for households and businesses

The company raises the offer of its line of ink-tank systems, which increase the number of impressions and allow considerable savings to users because they do not require the use of cartridges.

Caribbean Fashion Week dresses with Epson technology

The brand continues to demonstrate its latest innovation for the world of fashion.

El primer sistema de tinta genuino, Ecotank de EPSON

Celebra su éxito sin precedentes en toda la región. Hablamos con Abelicio Quintero, Gerente General de Epson para Caribe y Miami Distributors.

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