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SBS Intcomex Miami celebra en antigua su edición 2017

Con la participación de los principales fabricantes de la industria como: ACER, APC, DELL, EPSON, FORZA, HP, INTEL, KLIP XTREME, LENOVO, LINKSYS, LOGITECH, NEXXT SOLUTIONS, SANDISK, SEAGATE, WD Y X-TECH.

Intcomex Jamaica 2016 annual B2B event in Montego Bay

Teams “Green” and “Orange” engaged in vibrant competitions along with family members who came to the event as well, and it was a day filled with laughter, comradery, and spirit building. We hope to see you all again in our B2B 2017!

Intcomex Jamaica continues to support their loyal resellers and has partnered with Azan’s Supercenter

Azan’s Supercenter is one of Jamaica’s biggest home, appliances, and decor retail locations which was fully transformed in early 2015 allowing for a much wider spectrum of convenience shopping for consumers including technology items.

Intcomexpo Jamaica Rocks!

On September 17th, Intcomex Jamaica hosted INTCOMEXPO 2015 in Kingston where the Intcomex Team mobilized quickly and deployed the successful event held at the Pegasus Hotel.

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