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Luis F. Garcia, Caribbean Territory Manager, Nexxt Solutions, All Divisions


What’s your vision of the Caribbean market?

Nexxt Solutions logoThe Caribbean is an ever-developing market and we at Nexxt Solutions are always keeping a close eye on.

This market requires attention as it projects the buying and selling attributes along with trends just like in the US. Though it might trickle down months later, we can always plan ahead as we did with our new Security division.

Security is over a Billion dollar industry and we want to be at the forefront of that business empire, by integrating highest industry standards alongside our service, price and more important our support to our partners.

This will lead us to be a force in this growing segment.

What’s the main request from the Nexxt Solutions distributors? Training, retail support, or additional focus in the corporate niche?

All of the above. Training is key for us, we must make sure that not only the correct message is passed on to our business partners and distributors, but as well to the consumers.

At Nexxt we have support for every angle: our IT department, our highly trained sales team, our engineers in Product Development and most importantly support to our business partners who are constantly trained when new products are launched. It is important to keep an ear to the ground and listen to our partners, as they are the cornerstone of our business, with them and their consistent trust in Nexxt Solutions we will continue to grow and develop new and exciting products.

What’s your business balance so far from 2015?

With emerging markets such as Jamaica and Trinidad we have maintained a steady positive growth with our entire Nexxt Line (including Security, Connectivity and Infrastructure). The key to our success is to constantly challenge ways to integrate our key values with our business partners. With a goal of becoming the most profitable option for our business partners by offering a portfolio that meets the market demands, we have to be on top of the market and think ahead.

What tools do you have for consumers and potential business partners to learn and explore about the Nexxt Solutions line up.
Currently they can explore all our products by visiting www.nexxtsolutions.com and clicking on our 3 Nexxt Solutiosn Divisions; Connectivity, Infrastructure and Security. Here they can source PDFs, spec sheets and photos of our products. They can also chat with our engineers, send emails to our Nexxt team and register existing products.

We have also been enhancing our sites to include a “Store Locator” feature, as well as how to become a Nexxt Reseller/Partner.

We also encourage our partners and future partners to visit www.nexxtlearning.com to challenge their knowledge on our products and become a N.C.S.P (Nexxt Connectivity Sales Professional), as well as to take several tutorials and trainings for the Infrastructure and Security departments, all free of charge.

And finally in our YouTube page (search nexxtsolutions) they’ll be able to view all our English instructional videos.