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Intcomexpo Jamaica Rocks!


Intcomexpo Jamaica Rocks DSC 0507i

Intcomex Panama logoOn September 17th, Intcomex Jamaica hosted INTCOMEXPO 2015 in Kingston where the Intcomex Team mobilized quickly and deployed the successful event held at the Pegasus Hotel.

Sixteem vendors flew in to participate in the event; AOC, APC, Canon, Epson, Logitech, Microsoft, HP, DELL, Lenovo, Forza, KlipXtreme, Nexxt Solutions, X-Tech, Accessories Division, and the Security Division.

We featured live demonstrations at the various booths and the Minister of State in Science, Technology, Energy and Mining opened the event as the guest speaker and sensitized the audience on the efforts being made by the Government to not only transform Jamaica, its industries and business with the help of technology but also on the value that local developers bring to technology and the benefits driven by their initiatives.

The event was well received by all resellers and business channel as it helped satisfy the well acknowledged need of technology shows such as this in the Jamaican market. Over 500 persons were in attendance at the Expo; they all attended vendor seminars throughout the day and at the end of the day participated in the raffles of products from the various manufacturers. The event topped up with a Technology Fashion Cat Walk with model showcasing preferential products from each vendor’s portfolio; a nice performance by DJ Major, and the technology dancers that hyped up the hotel ballroom.

We thank our committed staff in Jamaica who went the extra mile to ensure a smooth and successful INTCOMEXPO JAMAICA 2015 and our international vendors who stayed and also contributed to a wonderful event. Many anecdotes are in our “Memoirs of the Expo” Jamaica…No Problem! Cheers!