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Epson Ecotank, the best allied for small companies


Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, has revolutionized the printing market with its original ink tank system EcoTank.

The company first launched the ink tank printers in October 2010 in Indonesia. Since then, the printers have continued to be introduced into 150 countries and several regions, with an excellent response to this new concept. For this reason, Epson has decided to increase its EcoTank portfolio with 3 new printers: the L375 wireless printer with free photo edition software; the L475 printer that includes a card slot to print photos without a PC; and the L575 printer with wireless feature for smartphones and tablets.

Epson L375

[column size=»1/2″]ep-ecotank-l375-front-35x18cm_300dpi[/column]
[column size=»1/2″]ep-ecotank-l375-sidea-tank_18x10cm_300dpi[/column]

Epson L575

[column size=»1/2″]ep-ecotank-l575-frontonpaper-73x50cm_300dpi[/column]
[column size=»1/2″]ep-ecotank-l575-side-open-1_35x26cm_300dpi[/column]

EcoTank technology has made a significant impression on Latin American markets, where strong continued sales growth is expected, because companies always invest on solutions with the highest ROI allowing to maximize productivity without spending much money.

Cartridge-free printers can print large amount of documents (up to 11,000 pages in black and 8,500 pages in colour) before having to refill ink. This is the reason why they are perfect for those companies that need to print high volumes at a low cost.

EcoTank original ink tank system fuses the concepts of “Economy” and “Tank” to offer a printing system with rechargeable ink tanks at the lowest cost per page, giving users the possibility to print all they want without worrying about cost, durability and ink quality.

Epson has revolutionized the market by creating a new printing concept where ink really seems endless.