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CES 2018 to Spotlight the Future of Smart Cities


logo CES-NEW 2016The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) today announced that Smart Cities will be a new area of focus at CES®, as the show launches a dedicated Marketplace (exhibit area) and a full schedule of related conference programming.

«We are thrilled to announce our new Smart Cities Marketplace and conference at CES 2018. Connected and smart technologies are making our cities more efficient, sustainable and responsive through the use of data to enable better processes and decision making,» said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. «As the launch pad for innovation that changes the world, CES presents a perfect stage for city planners and decision makers to explore these world-changing technologies because of the diversity of technologies and industries in attendance, including mobile, transportation, data and sensors, digital health and more.»

CES is already the showcase for leading-edge smart city innovations and the adoption of IoT in self-driving technology, the smart home, virtual reality, drones and wearables.

At CES 2017, attendees witnessed the world’s leading technology companies display smart city initiatives, including leading automotive manufacturers, consumer good companies and innovative startups in Eureka Park.

CES 2018 will deliver a comprehensive program focused on smart cities, featuring a full conference program with key thought leaders in this space, and a dedicated smart city exhibit area. The Smart Cities Marketplace will include smart city enabling technology such as artificial intelligence systems, sensors, data analytics, transportation, network infrastructures, and other devices and services. The multi-day conference programming will highlight 5G technologies and public/private partnerships, and include experts in utilities, health, safety and other public services. CTA’s The Evolution of Smart Cities and Connected Communities report predicts there will be at least 88 smart cities worldwide by 2025. The report also found that with 70 percent of the world’s population forecast to live in cities by 2050, the need for sustainable, livable world cities is essential for a prosperous future. The smart city/community concept promotes a specific vision of modern urban development, and acknowledges the growing importance of information technology in economic competitiveness.

Contact the CES sales team to exhibit as part of the Smart Cities Marketplace. To submit speaker proposals for the Smart Cities conference, apply through the CES 2018 Call for Speakers, opening in mid-June.

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