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Vendors give their feedback regarding Intcomex Strategic Caribbean Summit


Norberto Muñoz | Linksys

We have always been very tied to our customers and Friends in the Caribbean, and for us this event is more of a get together with old friends than anything else. The Caribbean is always up to speed with the latest technology and products and is always open to new products.

Which products are you introducing to the attendees? And what was their feedback?

We were proud to present to our customers the Velop Dual Band and we began the conversation about our access points and the cloud.

The feedback was really positive, especially since we are tackling two of our customers’ needs: Affordable Mesh Wi-Fi and AP cloud administration at no cost.

Tell us about access points in the cloud. How does it work? How complex is it for the distributor to sell it? Can you describe the benefits for the channel and the customer?

We know that the cloud, even though it’s gaining more and more popularity, is a little bit scary for many end users and system integrators. However, we have spent well over a year making sure that our interface is friendly, easy to set up and run, and extremely safe.

In addition, we will start a new round of product trainings and certifications once the product becomes available for sale in the región.

Our plan is to educate as many of our customers as possible before the end of the year so they can feel confident about our capabilities and can help us deliver the message to end users.

The main benefit for the channel and the customer is having the opportunity to manage an unlimited number of access points on the cloud with no additional costs or equipment. This is the first time a company catering to the small business community has been able to achieve something like this.

Any new plans for the Caribbean market in 2018?

We will start working on our AP cloud certifications in June and you will definitely see our team traveling to the region spreading the word and helping our partners earn new business.

Arturo delgado | HP

It was an amazing event! Venue, agenda and execution were excellent. HP has the Best Partners in the industry and what wonderful opportunity to meet with many of them at one place. Always look forward to this summit.

Franklin Guerrero | APC

The event was a great opportunity for us to be in front of the top resellers in English Caribbean, the territory is spread, lot of islands and not so easy to cover traveling from Miami, this type of event helps us consolidate in one place all the key players in the region.

Event had a great organization, top decision makers from all resellers were present and schedule was also good and the activities allowed everybody to engage with the customers, we are very happy, Intcomex have always met our ROI requirements for each of the events we participate.

To register in our Channel Program, please visit: www.apc.com/personalpage or contact: Eileen.caballero@schneider-electric.com